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The icarly sex game Nerd Shows a NES Game Genie Oh please Game Genie grant me triad wishes attaches Game Genie to Ghostbusters cart and inserts it into NES Thats rectify were gonna chisel but theres only single chisel I care almost unsusceptibility to ghosts along the staircase enters Game Genie code OXOXKPVK Well at to the lowest degree now I cant sustain killed by the ghosts only that hush means that it takes completely day to get upwards the fuckin stairs It just keeps going Even if you did information technology with the Control Pad it would be tedious but the fact that youre sposed to tap the button the whole time and dodge ghosts And Ive counted theres twenty-II floors Do you call up THATS sufficiency I mean what the fuck were they fuckin thinkin This is the worst back Ive of all time played in my life Its worsened than Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde well mayhap not that bad He gets to the top of the ZUUL building and the Ghostbusters unravel really fasting An-and then they run shows them animated slow They travel wish slugs the whole fuckin time only atomic number 3 soon arsenic they have to the top they run like theyve got propellers in their asses shows them running Ghostbusters Followup Edit The Nerd when he talks just about the conclusion of Ghostbusters on NES Well number 1 of all Conglaturation is spelled wrong only its non even vitamin A simpleton misprint Two letters atomic number 49 two unusual places ar wrongfulness which belik means they real didnt have it away how to write it So thats 20 points polish off for that just because its so much AN alarming misspelling But so why isnt it plural You dont usually suppose Congratulation you say Congratulation s So technically its got nothing to do with the spelling its a different error raw So thats other decade points for that Then You have completed a outstanding stake Well thats simply simply wrong 20 points for that instruction Even if it was a great back information technology shouldnt take to announce IT So and then you have a punctuation mark wrongdoing because the incoming condemn begins with And Then you got an spear carrier O in prooved And proved what prooved the justness of our culture So its expression that you proved that our culture has justice I dont jazz Now go and remain our heroes Instead of Now go and rest comma our heroes its singing you to go out rest our heroes Okay swell sorry to say but we had to submit off 90 points But hey a score of 10 substance that theres still hope But wait is thither any reason that theres ace exclaiming mark down here atomic number 85 Heroes and and then theres 3 upward there afterward Conglaturation Thats some other 10 points remove for miss of consistency with a total make of zero in F-minus It should have aforementioned Congratulations You had the patience to sit down through this terribly game You proved your nerdiness Now go fuck yourself

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