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During the 9th century BC rite flagellations were performed In Artemis Orthia one of the to the highest degree operative spiritual areas of antediluvian Sparta where the Cult of Orthia a pre- Olympic religion was experienced Here rite lashing named diamastigosis took target in which young adolescent men were whipped in antiophthalmic factor ceremony gta 5 sex game overseen by the priestess These ar referred to by a number of antediluvian authors including Pausanius III 16 10-11

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This spooky documentary from Room 237 theatre director Rodney Ascher follows eight populate suffering from A debilitating phenomenon known as “sleep palsy.” In the middle of the Night, victims of the syndrome find themselves unable to move OR talk, and as Ascher discovers, many of them suffer from paranormal-esque hallucinations — distributed hallucinations. Recreating their slumber palsy stories with a giallo touch, Ascher in one case over again dives into gta 5 sex game the human psyche for a story that’s some heartfelt and haunting. — MP

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