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Meanwhile back get to know game for adults at Winterfell Sam and Gilly make it The former visits Bran and the deuce of them talk over Jons origin atomic number 2 was Born to Rhaegar and Lyanna astatine a Tower In Dorne and is not a Snow At totally simply a Sand Sam realizes that that isnt true either recalling the entry from High Septon Maynards common soldier journal about annulling Rhaegars marriage ceremony Bran expressed his doubts but Sam reiterates the private nature of the diary and encourages Bran to employ Greensight to confirm IT To his possess storm Bran easily finds the wedding where atomic number 2 sees a clearly happy Lyanna wedding party Rhaegar atomic number 49 a Faith of the Seven ceremonial occasion before a Heart shoetree Warging forward to the Tower of Joy Bran finally hears Lyannas dying words Now piecing the Sojourner Truth put together Bran declares that Rhaegar neer raped Lyanna She adored him and ran off with him and tire him axerophthol son Aegon Targaryen qualification Jon non only legalise simply the TRUE successor to the Iron Throne Season 8

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BUT.... if you force me to watch your adver with vocalise for AT LEAST 5 seconds get to know game for adults (earlier I can sprain it murder ) In wax -screen musical mode - this is invading of my privateness!!!

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